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Kimmy has big dreams of playing tennis professionally, but first she needs to get some lessons on how to get what she wants. To get what she wants she has to give her coach what he wants. Right now he wants to feel her soft teen mouth sucking on his fat cock. Then he wants to jam that old cock of his up her teen pussy.

Kimmy is all to happy to make a deal with him. She doesn’t want to upset her parents by having her coach drop her. Not when she is so close to realizing her dream.

Watch older for younger videos as much, and as often, as you want without having to join anything. If you do join for free you can do stuff like keep tabs on your favorite videos so you don’t have to keep hunting them down. There are hundreds of videos with more added daily.

Keep your cash where it should be, right inside your own wallet. FapLot.com doesn’t even have a place for you to enter a credit card number. Stream free xxx videos online all day, every day of the year. There are no restrictions. You will find the porn you want at a price you can’t help but love.

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You most likely came here because you are an older man that likes banging young girls. Or rather, the idea of it. Most likely you haven’t been with a Freshman in college since you were in college yourself. Do something different tonight. Something less boring than watching a video. Engage a hot girl in conversation over the Internet. Believe it or not cute teen girls crave hot live sex online!

View Allita’s profile page and you can see that she is from Russia. She is probably used to making older men happy. She is nineteen so there is nothing disgusting with talking to her. For free I had her showing me her small boobs and her cute Hello Kitty panties. You don’t have to pay to see a lot with most of the girls. Some even do entire shows and forget to hit the private button giving you a free voyeur experience.

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old man fucking a teen girl

Sure he is old enough to be her dad. Sure he is breaking a lot of rules fucking one of his students. This professor is sick and tired of the same old dry dog food. His wife’s cunt is all stretched out. He wants some pussy that doesn’t make him feel like a hotdog in a hallway!

It is the new face of teen porn. Older guys taking advantage of younger girls. The best part about it is the girls actually think they are the ones on top. Proverbially of course. This girl is getting her easy A and she is wondering why the smart girls don’t do this instead of homework. Maybe because they don’t want to carry their teacher’s baby? LOL

If you came here because you like barely legal high school girls and college coeds doing naughty stuff their mothers never did then you have come to the right place. This is the kind of teen porn the scares the bee-jeebies out of older ladies. I don’t know why though. The only reason their husbands are sticking around is because they don’t have to leave them to enjoy teen girls this way. They also don’t bring home STD’s by having cyber-sex.

Get your Jurassic rocks off!

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Normally I have older men having sex with younger girls here, but this sexy porno from GFLot.com is just too good to pass up. In this video the hot blonde MILF on the left gets to have the fun banging people half her age. Namely, her step-daughter and her boyfriend!

Moms bang teens videos are all the rage right now and it isn’t hard to see why. I have known quite a few people from high school on up that had a mother I would fuck for sure. Shoot, two of my recent ex-girlfriends had mothers I’d like to fuck. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to pull that one off just once.

Watching the videos at GFLot.com I feel like I am there having these two blow me. Many of their videos are shot in point of view style. You can watch the videos without having to join and without restrictions. So go ahead and start watching!

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You can snicker; you can laugh; you can poke fun at this old fart all you want. The sad truth is he gets more pussy in a semester then you could get in your entire college career. How does he do it? Read on, player. Read on.

This old man teaches sex education at the college level. He offers his female students one thing and one thing only. No, it isn’t an easy A. He offers them the ultimate orgasm. An orgasm their mothers never found. An orgasm thought to reside only in fables and late night stories shared over a bottle of wine between women the world over.

Obviously the girls would be skeptical of his ability to do for them what the quarterback of the school’s football team couldn’t. So the old man devised a plan. Each girl that achieved her ultimate orgasm would be sworn to secrecy about his technique until after she brought him a new girl who would be completely naive of his method, but very reassured about his abilities to perform the feat.

Again, how does he do it? With an ingenious little sex toy created to give couples a shared sensation bringing them closer together than ever before. Don’t laugh. This thing works wonders!

What is it? Technically it is a pliable mass of medical grade silicone impregnated with oscillators, a rechargeable battery and a radio receiver. Not so technically it is a powerful gift a man gives to the woman he loves. It is called a We-Vibe and it will change your sex life for the better.

Many girls over stimulate themselves with vibrators. In doing so they find it hard to orgasm by having "normal" sex with the men in their lives. The situation becomes frustrating for both the men and the women. As  couples their relationship can become strained as neither of them knows how to deal with their problem.

With a We-Vibe both partners can enjoy the vibrating stimulation and she can orgasm having "normal" sex with her mate again. One portion of the vibrator remains outside of the vagina stimulating her clitoris. The other gently slides inside her vagina stimulating her G-spot. Normally this is where sex for the couple would get frustrating. With the We-Vibe he can still enter her vagina and thrust away allowing both to achieve an orgasm through "normal" sex. Together!


Give her an orgasm so powerful she will love you for life. This little sex toy has the power to mend previously strained relationships and restore self confidence in a man’s ability to perform for his lover. It will allow you to give her the orgasm she was previously only able to achieve alone.

Order today and get it for the lowest price possible at ToyOrgasmic.com. Being an online store allows Toy Orgasmic to be there for you any time, day or night. Order from the privacy of your own home and receive your order in plain brown box so none of your neighbors need to know what you are up to. Unless you tell them. Or show them!

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When most people think of free streaming porn they think of grainy short clips and not long full sized videos. I found this twenty-four minute video of Zoey Foxx fucking a Jurassic Cock at BedroomMedia.com. The site has free videos and updates daily. Plus, like I said, these are full videos with nothing left out.

Because you get the full video you get the full story. In this episode from Virgin Runaways we find Zoey looking for a place to eat, sleep and take a shower. Unfortunately she picks the wrong house and the owner catches her after she is already inside.

After they both calm down they come to realize maybe the other one isn’t so bad after all. He enjoys her perky teen tits and she likes his big strong arms. Before either of them know what is happening they are entwined on the couch in a collision of lust.

Getting entire videos is important. Don’t settle for less when you can get the entire enchilada for free!

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Old Mans Birthday Present - PornJog.com

PornJog.com has hundreds of free tube videos in just about every niche known to man. In this sizzling older for younger video an old tart gets a birthday blowjob from two girls in his apartment complex. Getting one girl to blow him would have been sensational enough, but two? I hope the old geezer doesn’t have a coronary!

The video reminds me of a hunting trip from heaven I went on with a buddy of mine that was turning forty. We used his nephews frat house for our base camp and each night the boys invited the girls over to play beer pong.

Once those teenage girls got saucy I suggested they have a dance off on my buddy for his birthday. No sooner than when I said the words both girls were wearing only a thong and a bra!

My bro was made to sit on his hands while the girls threw on some music and began grinding on the guy and each other. After several minutes he had to pick a winner and smartly went with the one that stated she wanted to fuck his brains out in his ear during the competition. That night she sure as shit did fuck his brains out.

Enjoy the free video and come back for more!

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Back in my day it seemed like girls were always afraid of being labeled a lesbian. Even the girls that did play with one another hid it like they were lepers or something. Girls back then wouldn’t even shave their pussies because they thought only lesbians did that for some reason!

Now it is like a badge of honor to be one of the bisexual girls. If a girl isn’t bisexual she is considered to be some kind of outcast. Like there must be something wrong with her. Like maybe she is a leper?!?!

It is hilarious to me how things can change so quickly; even do a complete reversal!

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This truly amateur couple turned on the camera as they wanted to know how they look while fucking. Well, we strive to believe they managed to get some pretty cool porn movie for us.

Click the play button now to see this hottie taking off her clothes and getting hard cored by her dude. Turn on your sound as well to hear her screaming while his pecker goes deep and deeper over and over again. I bet that after watching this full length porn film you’ll want to get your partner for a ride too. Don’t let her go easily… she’ll get bored soon so you better start fucking her real hard just like this guy does with his wife.

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Speaking of Jurassic cock, how about some Jurassic lesbians? Fiona Cooper is the UK’s largest purveyor of adult DVDs. Her business has grown at a staggering rate because she and her staff take making quality porn seriously.

Tap into the huge collection of DVD’s and blow your mind on the variety of niches.

Now, come to momma!

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Think about this the next time you have a poker party!

Dan had his much younger cousin Simone over for the weekend and she wanted to watch the old men play poker. Normally Dan didn’t like having a girl around for his poker parties, but for he always had a soft spot for his cousin so he agreed so long as she stayed quiet and helped out fetching beer.

Not being one to do as she was told Simone was anything but quiet. Shit, her outfit was loud in itself. She wore a tiny skirt, fishnet stockings, a lacey top that did little to hide her lacey bra and some very tall high heels. When Dan saw her he immediately tried to protest, but his friends were all very quick to defend her and usher him away.

As the game went on Simone sat in each mans lap for a few hands and got their beers. When the timer went off for the first break Simone went over to Dan’s best friend Ted and stuck her tongue in her mouth. He returned the favor.

Dan stood up and asked her what she thought she was doing and Simone just pushed him back in his chair while straddling his hips. She rocked her pelvis a few times and she rubbed her ample soft tits all over his face. Dan could feel his cock getting hard. He tried to protest again, but Simone told him his cock didn’t lie before unzipping his pants and pulling it out in one deft move.

In front of all of his friends Dan’s much younger cousin took his cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. He didn’t know what to think or do. He looked at his friends for help, but they were cheering her on.

Before long all fifteen of them were tag teaming his young cousin and Dan found himself enjoying her pussy just as much as his friends were. Sure, he’d have a lot of soul searching to do tomorrow, but tonight? It was time for a bukkake party!

Old Farts Young Tarts updates weekly with some of the craziest older for younger porn ever created. They have years of updates in the members area and they give you access to the other sites in their network. So goodbye to retirement. It is time to get old Willy wet again!

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This video is pretty fucking hilarious. Why? Because this girl has no idea how much trouble she is going to be in when she has her next family reunion. Think about it. Gramps isn’t going to be able to keep his eyes off of her and grandma is going to be jealous of her granddaughter all week!

Gramps on Teens keeps it real by pairing cute little girls with guys old enough to be their granddaddy. Sometimes they could even be their great-granddad!

This little tart is exactly a 10. She isn’t even a Seattle seven. What she is though is young and her tits are as perky as they will ever be. All of the girls have tight teen pussies that crave a more refined cock juice than boys their age can provide.

Here is where it gets really good. With a Tiny Teen Pass you get Gramps on Teens, plus thirty more sites like Chloe 18, Lil Kelly, Selina 18, Little Summer and more!

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Ron Jeremy is your average guy with a nine inch cock. All of his life he has had to endure a bit of reverse discrimination. Ever since his cock started taking on a life of its own women have come from miles around to admire it. He was living the dream of a cub in a world of cougars.

As he got older Ron’s taste in women changed. The cougars became grandmas and the college girls began to catch his eye. Unlike the MILF he used to love, his desire to bang college coeds never waned. He was always ready to bury his cock hilt deep in some tight teen snatch!

Like I said before, the cougars became grandmas and they told their tales of a man with a cock so big a lady had to practice with a cucumber first. One of the girls listening was named Jennifer White and she was intrigued by her grandmother’s stories. She went on a search for the Jurassic Cock!

As luck would have it Ron Jeremy still lived in town and he received weekly back massages in his home. Jennifer applied at the agency he used and swapped clients with an unsuspecting fellow therapist.


Jennifer White showed up at Ron Jeremy’s house in a bikini with matching beads. Ron thought that a little odd, but then to each his own. At his age he had seen everything…

Oops! Jennifer’s perky young boob slipped out of her tiny bikini and plopped right in front of Ron’s face. He hadn’t seen a titty so firm in years and he wasn’t about to let this one get away.

Ron latched on to Jen’s boob and felt her hand grab for his cock. Was he really going to bang a girl young enough to be his granddaughter? Throwing caution to the wind Ron pulled out his thick Johnson and tempted the young teen with it.


The young tart didn’t even give it a second thought. She had never seen a cock this big and she wasn’t about to let him have second thoughts about letting her taste it!


This is yet another unbelievable encounter from JurassicCock.com. Without these pictures and the accompanying video you wouldn’t have believed it. Watch grandpas fucking teenagers on the only network wicked enough to show it to you!

The Porn Pros pride themselves on making high quality porn in niches like older for younger. Hey, even us old guys need to get some teen poon-tang some time!

Get your fill of coed pussy at Jurassic Cock!

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Back when he was in Nam this old bloke loved to spend his R&R time banging little China dolls. Yes I know there weren’t any China dolls in Vietnam. They were Vietnamese dolls. But you know white people… They think all Asians are… Asian.

After the war he settled down with his old flame from high school. She got pregnant before he left so she stuck around for her Army man to come home and take care of her, and their new child. Things were good in the beginning, but then several more kids came and went. One of them got hooked on drugs. The daughter married a "meat head"… Life got complicated!

So imagine his surprise when he met the daughter of one of his old flings from back in the war! Turns out the Vietnamese hottie turned into a rich and powerful lady in the newly democratic Vietnam. She moved her family to the states where the kids could take advantage of the higher education system.

London Keyes didn’t like going to college, but she turned over a new leaf once she met and befriended a college professor in her world civics class. He knew her mom and he has so many interesting stories to tell about life in the old country.

Before long they were having dinner together and then it was miniature golf. And you know what that means… Straight to the bedroom! Yes, folks, miniature golf is the gateway drug to sexual promiscuity!


Well, there was that and the fact that London’s mother would kill her if she came home with anything less than an A. So she blew her teachers cock and he considered playing the lottery… I mean, what are the chances you’d get to bang an Asian babe during the war and then her daughter while you teach her about the war in your class?




Well, if you are at Jurassic Cock the chances of this kind of thing not only occurring, but reoccurring are pretty high! They find hot babes with a thing for old man cock and pair them up with guys that thought their days of banging coeds had come and gone decades ago!

With a pass to the Porn Pros network you can enjoy more sites like 18 Years Old for one price. They add new sites every couple of months and update the network on a daily basis.

So, ready to get inoculated for that yellow fever?

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The porn world is a beautiful place filled with many beautiful people. Ron Jeremy is not one of them. But that hasn’t stopped this well hung porn star from getting his fair share of beautiful starlets like Parker Page. With sites like Jurassic Cock he has found a whole new stream of girls just waiting to pounce on his beastly sword!

As with most of the sites in the Porn Pros network Jurassic Cock updates weekly and gives you access to the entire network. With one password you get unlimited access to some truly insane porn sites!

If you like the young beauties on JurassicCock.com you are sure to love the girls on 18 Years Old. Both sites share a lot of the same babes so you can see a girl in multiple genres!

Even if you cancel you can still enjoy all of the movies you have downloaded when you use Porn Pros. They don’t use any of that digital rights management crap others are using. All of the videos are encoded in multiple formats and sizes so you can watch them even on your cell phone!

So go on!

Share this site with the boys at the water cooler tomorrow. Let them know that there is still hope. Somewhere out there is a cast of young ladies chomping at the bit to get some Jurassic Cock inside them!

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