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Ron Jeremy is your average guy with a nine inch cock. All of his life he has had to endure a bit of reverse discrimination. Ever since his cock started taking on a life of its own women have come from miles around to admire it. He was living the dream of a cub in a world of cougars.

As he got older Ron’s taste in women changed. The cougars became grandmas and the college girls began to catch his eye. Unlike the MILF he used to love, his desire to bang college coeds never waned. He was always ready to bury his cock hilt deep in some tight teen snatch!

Like I said before, the cougars became grandmas and they told their tales of a man with a cock so big a lady had to practice with a cucumber first. One of the girls listening was named Jennifer White and she was intrigued by her grandmother’s stories. She went on a search for the Jurassic Cock!

As luck would have it Ron Jeremy still lived in town and he received weekly back massages in his home. Jennifer applied at the agency he used and swapped clients with an unsuspecting fellow therapist.


Jennifer White showed up at Ron Jeremy’s house in a bikini with matching beads. Ron thought that a little odd, but then to each his own. At his age he had seen everything…

Oops! Jennifer’s perky young boob slipped out of her tiny bikini and plopped right in front of Ron’s face. He hadn’t seen a titty so firm in years and he wasn’t about to let this one get away.

Ron latched on to Jen’s boob and felt her hand grab for his cock. Was he really going to bang a girl young enough to be his granddaughter? Throwing caution to the wind Ron pulled out his thick Johnson and tempted the young teen with it.


The young tart didn’t even give it a second thought. She had never seen a cock this big and she wasn’t about to let him have second thoughts about letting her taste it!


This is yet another unbelievable encounter from JurassicCock.com. Without these pictures and the accompanying video you wouldn’t have believed it. Watch grandpas fucking teenagers on the only network wicked enough to show it to you!

The Porn Pros pride themselves on making high quality porn in niches like older for younger. Hey, even us old guys need to get some teen poon-tang some time!

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Posted By admin on 02/29/12 - Bookmark Jurassic Cock


Back when he was in Nam this old bloke loved to spend his R&R time banging little China dolls. Yes I know there weren’t any China dolls in Vietnam. They were Vietnamese dolls. But you know white people… They think all Asians are… Asian.

After the war he settled down with his old flame from high school. She got pregnant before he left so she stuck around for her Army man to come home and take care of her, and their new child. Things were good in the beginning, but then several more kids came and went. One of them got hooked on drugs. The daughter married a "meat head"… Life got complicated!

So imagine his surprise when he met the daughter of one of his old flings from back in the war! Turns out the Vietnamese hottie turned into a rich and powerful lady in the newly democratic Vietnam. She moved her family to the states where the kids could take advantage of the higher education system.

London Keyes didn’t like going to college, but she turned over a new leaf once she met and befriended a college professor in her world civics class. He knew her mom and he has so many interesting stories to tell about life in the old country.

Before long they were having dinner together and then it was miniature golf. And you know what that means… Straight to the bedroom! Yes, folks, miniature golf is the gateway drug to sexual promiscuity!


Well, there was that and the fact that London’s mother would kill her if she came home with anything less than an A. So she blew her teachers cock and he considered playing the lottery… I mean, what are the chances you’d get to bang an Asian babe during the war and then her daughter while you teach her about the war in your class?




Well, if you are at Jurassic Cock the chances of this kind of thing not only occurring, but reoccurring are pretty high! They find hot babes with a thing for old man cock and pair them up with guys that thought their days of banging coeds had come and gone decades ago!

With a pass to the Porn Pros network you can enjoy more sites like 18 Years Old for one price. They add new sites every couple of months and update the network on a daily basis.

So, ready to get inoculated for that yellow fever?

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