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Jurassic Cock Ron Jeremy

I don’t know how this guy manages to do it, but he has banged pretty much every pussy in the porn business. I think it would be safe to say that the only girls he hasn’t fucked are the girls he doesn’t want to fuck. What is it about him that makes girls want to swallow his load? Could it be his nine inch cock? Maybe he just reminds them all of a dirty uncle they were once fond of? Hey, these girls get into porn because of strange shit like that!

Jurassic Cock is a doozy of a porn site. Hundreds of hot girls fucking older men. It is a great place to fantasize about your granddaughter or niece without actually touching her. A way to blow of steam if you will.

The only issue is that you have to pay to watch videos there. That is where free z porn comes in. They have all of the older for younger videos you can shake your half flaccid cock at and then some.

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Ron Jeremy is your average guy with a nine inch cock. All of his life he has had to endure a bit of reverse discrimination. Ever since his cock started taking on a life of its own women have come from miles around to admire it. He was living the dream of a cub in a world of cougars.

As he got older Ron’s taste in women changed. The cougars became grandmas and the college girls began to catch his eye. Unlike the MILF he used to love, his desire to bang college coeds never waned. He was always ready to bury his cock hilt deep in some tight teen snatch!

Like I said before, the cougars became grandmas and they told their tales of a man with a cock so big a lady had to practice with a cucumber first. One of the girls listening was named Jennifer White and she was intrigued by her grandmother’s stories. She went on a search for the Jurassic Cock!

As luck would have it Ron Jeremy still lived in town and he received weekly back massages in his home. Jennifer applied at the agency he used and swapped clients with an unsuspecting fellow therapist.


Jennifer White showed up at Ron Jeremy’s house in a bikini with matching beads. Ron thought that a little odd, but then to each his own. At his age he had seen everything…

Oops! Jennifer’s perky young boob slipped out of her tiny bikini and plopped right in front of Ron’s face. He hadn’t seen a titty so firm in years and he wasn’t about to let this one get away.

Ron latched on to Jen’s boob and felt her hand grab for his cock. Was he really going to bang a girl young enough to be his granddaughter? Throwing caution to the wind Ron pulled out his thick Johnson and tempted the young teen with it.


The young tart didn’t even give it a second thought. She had never seen a cock this big and she wasn’t about to let him have second thoughts about letting her taste it!


This is yet another unbelievable encounter from JurassicCock.com. Without these pictures and the accompanying video you wouldn’t have believed it. Watch grandpas fucking teenagers on the only network wicked enough to show it to you!

The Porn Pros pride themselves on making high quality porn in niches like older for younger. Hey, even us old guys need to get some teen poon-tang some time!

Get your fill of coed pussy at Jurassic Cock!

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The porn world is a beautiful place filled with many beautiful people. Ron Jeremy is not one of them. But that hasn’t stopped this well hung porn star from getting his fair share of beautiful starlets like Parker Page. With sites like Jurassic Cock he has found a whole new stream of girls just waiting to pounce on his beastly sword!

As with most of the sites in the Porn Pros network Jurassic Cock updates weekly and gives you access to the entire network. With one password you get unlimited access to some truly insane porn sites!

If you like the young beauties on JurassicCock.com you are sure to love the girls on 18 Years Old. Both sites share a lot of the same babes so you can see a girl in multiple genres!

Even if you cancel you can still enjoy all of the movies you have downloaded when you use Porn Pros. They don’t use any of that digital rights management crap others are using. All of the videos are encoded in multiple formats and sizes so you can watch them even on your cell phone!

So go on!

Share this site with the boys at the water cooler tomorrow. Let them know that there is still hope. Somewhere out there is a cast of young ladies chomping at the bit to get some Jurassic Cock inside them!

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Some guys get all of the luck… and all of the poon-tang too!

This old chap is none other than the porn star legend Ron Jeremy.

But before we get to him and AJ Estrada lets put something into perspective first, shall we? Think about how many times you have jacked off in your lifetime. Remember that there were days you masturbated twice… three times… four? You crazy old fucker, you!

Now add all of those times up. OK… This Ron Jeremy guy, he’s fucked more girls than you have fucked your hand! Pretty fucking amazing, huh? We are talking up into the tens of thousands!

So it should come as no surprise that he was first in line when the fellas at Porn Pros said they were opening a new site featuring Jurassic Cock getting laid by young teenage girls!

I have younger friends I hang out with in my poker group that hate this guy. I tell them, don’t hate – congratulate! Then I caution them that they won’t stay young forever and that they should hope to be so lucky!

Well, time for me to try and offset Ron Jeremy’s insane lead…

Grab a Porn Pros pass and get JurassicCock.com, plus a buttload of other crazy sites they run!

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