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If you’re going to succeed with anything, you have to understand how to do things on a structural basis. In other words, stop focusing on the content and focus more on the process that you follow. That is really true for sites like www.freesexmeet.com

You see, life is not a destination. A lot of people like to define life and happiness and every other big concept in terms of destinations. The problem with that is that they are changing all the time. They are like fast moving targets. The sooner you come close to your ultimate destination, it changes. Remember when you were in high school?  You probably thought to yourself that when you get a job or when you go to college, you’ll finally be happy. At least, you thought, you will be free of the hell that is high school. So what happened when you graduated? That’s right-you still weren’t happy because by then you convinced yourself that you’ll only be happy once you graduate from college. And on and on it goes.

Maybe you’ve changed, maybe the process has changed you, or maybe the objective itself has changed. There’s just so many things that could go on and that’s why this is all an exercise in futility and frustration.

Now, if you were to look at the structure instead of the content, then whatever happens to the ultimate goal wouldn’t be as important as you sticking to the process. This also increases the likelihood that you would get there, wherever "there" is. So keep this in mind when it comes to trying to be successful at sex meet up sites.

I know they can be brutal, I know they can really beat down on your ego, I know they can make you feel like a pile of shit, but if you pay attention to their structure and how the website is set up to impact messaging, then you can take advantage of these structural elements. In that way, you can make the website work for you instead of against you.

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Things to Think about when using FreeFuckSite

Everybody can be a winner if we allow it to be so. Accordingly, don’t have a cow about the system making money off of you. It’s going to make money regardless whether you like it or not. And you can end up with a free fuck!

Reality Number 2: You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

If you are unable to get laid online, you only need to get in front of a mirror to confront the real culprit. It’s not your parents that told you all sorts of lies regarding sexuality that turned you into a self-hating prude. It’s not your school teachers that brainwashed you into thinking that sex was somehow dirty. It’s not about the philosophical traditions you grew up with. It’s not any of that. It’s all about you. Why? Any negative programming will not have an effect if you stop believing in it. That’s the bottom line.

If you are unable to achieve the results that you feel you deserve, it’s because you chose to believe in bullshit. Allow yourself to be completely free. Look at things skeptically. I’m not saying that there is no such thing as absolute truth, I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that you need to be your own person, be your own man. It’s really important to take full and total ownership of what you choose to believe in because these ideas shape who you are.

Unfortunately, most of us are fucking lazy. Most of us would rather look at our lives as simply clothes that were passed on to us from our parents. If we are that unthinking and unchallenging, then it’s no surprise that we live crappy lives. We deserve the lives that we have.

The good news is that we can always choose, in the here and now, to live a better life by simply questioning our assumptions and expectations. If you’re not getting laid as much as you think, and you have a fucked up self-confidence, then take action. Start questioning things. Start planning, start taking action. You see where I’m coming from?

Reality Number 3: The World Only Cares If You Show That You Care

I know that this reality sounds like something that you would read off a Hallmark greeting card, but it’s absolutely true. As the saying goes, people will only care if you show that you care, or something like that. The same applies to women. Women would only respect you if you truly care about them. Now I’m not talking about caring in terms of being all lovey-dovey and all that emotional bullshit. I’m talking about stepping outside of yourself.

This is a big thing for most men because, let’s face it, most of us are sexist pigs. All they care about, as far as the sex act is concerned, is pleasing ourselves. It’s all about taking and taking and taking. All we care about is I, me, mine, my pleasure, my penis, the sex is to pleasure me, that kind of bullshit thing. If that’s how you think, then it’s no surprise that a lot of the women you will encounter will not be attracted to you because your attitude will show.

When you allow yourself to be genuinely curious, and put yourself in the shoes of a female, you would realize what’s important to them. Once you start communicating your needs in such a way that it impacts their needs, you see eye to eye. They will be able to see the value proposition that you bring to the table, and guess what, chances are you will be more successful. That’s how the world works.

The world doesn’t give a fuck what you know unless the world sees that you care. It’s all about stepping past your natural tendency to take care of your needs first. As the old saying goes, to get what you want, you must first give others what they want. This advice is solid gold.

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