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You can snicker; you can laugh; you can poke fun at this old fart all you want. The sad truth is he gets more pussy in a semester then you could get in your entire college career. How does he do it? Read on, player. Read on.

This old man teaches sex education at the college level. He offers his female students one thing and one thing only. No, it isn’t an easy A. He offers them the ultimate orgasm. An orgasm their mothers never found. An orgasm thought to reside only in fables and late night stories shared over a bottle of wine between women the world over.

Obviously the girls would be skeptical of his ability to do for them what the quarterback of the school’s football team couldn’t. So the old man devised a plan. Each girl that achieved her ultimate orgasm would be sworn to secrecy about his technique until after she brought him a new girl who would be completely naive of his method, but very reassured about his abilities to perform the feat.

Again, how does he do it? With an ingenious little sex toy created to give couples a shared sensation bringing them closer together than ever before. Don’t laugh. This thing works wonders!

What is it? Technically it is a pliable mass of medical grade silicone impregnated with oscillators, a rechargeable battery and a radio receiver. Not so technically it is a powerful gift a man gives to the woman he loves. It is called a We-Vibe and it will change your sex life for the better.

Many girls over stimulate themselves with vibrators. In doing so they find it hard to orgasm by having "normal" sex with the men in their lives. The situation becomes frustrating for both the men and the women. As  couples their relationship can become strained as neither of them knows how to deal with their problem.

With a We-Vibe both partners can enjoy the vibrating stimulation and she can orgasm having "normal" sex with her mate again. One portion of the vibrator remains outside of the vagina stimulating her clitoris. The other gently slides inside her vagina stimulating her G-spot. Normally this is where sex for the couple would get frustrating. With the We-Vibe he can still enter her vagina and thrust away allowing both to achieve an orgasm through "normal" sex. Together!


Give her an orgasm so powerful she will love you for life. This little sex toy has the power to mend previously strained relationships and restore self confidence in a man’s ability to perform for his lover. It will allow you to give her the orgasm she was previously only able to achieve alone.

Order today and get it for the lowest price possible at ToyOrgasmic.com. Being an online store allows Toy Orgasmic to be there for you any time, day or night. Order from the privacy of your own home and receive your order in plain brown box so none of your neighbors need to know what you are up to. Unless you tell them. Or show them!

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