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Think about this the next time you have a poker party!

Dan had his much younger cousin Simone over for the weekend and she wanted to watch the old men play poker. Normally Dan didn’t like having a girl around for his poker parties, but for he always had a soft spot for his cousin so he agreed so long as she stayed quiet and helped out fetching beer.

Not being one to do as she was told Simone was anything but quiet. Shit, her outfit was loud in itself. She wore a tiny skirt, fishnet stockings, a lacey top that did little to hide her lacey bra and some very tall high heels. When Dan saw her he immediately tried to protest, but his friends were all very quick to defend her and usher him away.

As the game went on Simone sat in each mans lap for a few hands and got their beers. When the timer went off for the first break Simone went over to Dan’s best friend Ted and stuck her tongue in her mouth. He returned the favor.

Dan stood up and asked her what she thought she was doing and Simone just pushed him back in his chair while straddling his hips. She rocked her pelvis a few times and she rubbed her ample soft tits all over his face. Dan could feel his cock getting hard. He tried to protest again, but Simone told him his cock didn’t lie before unzipping his pants and pulling it out in one deft move.

In front of all of his friends Dan’s much younger cousin took his cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. He didn’t know what to think or do. He looked at his friends for help, but they were cheering her on.

Before long all fifteen of them were tag teaming his young cousin and Dan found himself enjoying her pussy just as much as his friends were. Sure, he’d have a lot of soul searching to do tomorrow, but tonight? It was time for a bukkake party!

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