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When this little cutie started flirting with her grandpa’s friends she had no idea one of them would actually want to have sex with her. She didn’t even know he could still get a hardon, let alone cum. As time went on she enjoyed letting him stick his Jurassic cock up her tight little ass. He would recount to her how he used to fuck this pretty little Korean girl during the war in same way.

As time went by the old man spent every last dime he had showering his buddy’s granddaughter with gifts in exchange for the right to bury his cock in her bung hole. He needed cash and he needed it quick. She didn’t like the idea of getting a square job so when he mentioned they do live sex cams together for cash she was all for it.

Now they are rolling in the dough and happy as a clam. From time to time she invites her girlfriends over to service gramps cock as well. He never dreamed he’d be having more sex in his 80’s then he’d ever had in his youth. Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball and sometimes even a curve ball can be hit out of the park!

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